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SuperHead & Shoulders

Saturday, July 14, 2007

SuperHead.. & Shoulders Vol. 3

*Puff Daddy killed 2 pac

*Usually when characters evolve to an older age in film they use props and make up to show the age development....Sylvester Stallone uses real time!!!

*That show sister-sister was stupid

* Why is there no movie about Martin Luther King? For gods sake black people, theres a movie about some nigga teachin other oppressed niggas how to swim, n MLK cant even get a big screen deal...that aint right!

* Theres no way people in gay ass places like Mongolia understand the concept of bottled water.

* Chinese people love karaoke

* I recently lost a bet i made 10 years ago that said Scott Steiner was gonna be the first person to kill their family from roid rage!

*C'mon Folgers...that best part of waking up is not being dead...or parapilegic! or Mexican

* How could people find things before google...

* Ive never heard ANYONE working at a fast food resteraunt say, "Would you like fries with that"..ever

* Who invented racism....was the guy like "You know what i noticed....ALL of the people like you suck!"

* Surprising people sucks when they live in a gated community...

* Dancing the Macarena is like riding a bike.

*Nobody that eats Krispy Kreme all the time goes to Starbucks...and vice versa...theyre like 2 different cults!

* You know are there 8 Pussycat Dolls???

* Nobody needs a pen with green dont buy it!

* Mario liked Luigi....but i can tell Sonic hates the shit out of Tails...

* When the iPhone came it got me the future pants r only gonna have 1 pocket, cuz in about 10 years people r gonna have their keys and wallet built into their phone/digital music device

*Hawiians are stupid, why would u use the same word to say "hello" and "goodbye"...too much confusion

* Why would anyone eat somethin thats called a "Jawbreaker" gonna come out with a soup caller "The Cancer Giver" and see if i can replicate that candies popularity

this has been another installment of "Superhead......& Shoulders"

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SuperHead... And Shoulders Vol. 2

Who gave Wishbone authorization to tamper with evidence and trespass police investigations???

I think Carmen San Deigo is in the witness protection program...

Jay Z must not really be from Brooklyn cuz I aint heard dude say shit about Chicken Noodle soup or Sodas his whole career...

Who do we shoot staples like a rifel instead of just flexing back the top to see if a stapler is loaded???

Why do i kick my underwear up n the air and catch them, every time I take them off???


I bet when that guy first invented Punctuation everybody was like "ummmm I dont know about this..." (without the elipse)

Its never been cool to be good @ etch-a-sketch

If you think you got SHIT on your hands why do u smell them before u wash them??? Is it like for some kinda "I knew i had Shit on my hands" reassurance?

U wouldnt of FUCKING wrote that song if you truly didnt care when Jimmy cracked corn!

Im glad we have technology, cuz i would kill myself if i ever had to play with a slinky.

When the guy @ McDonalds says extra dipping sauce is 17 cents, lean in the window and say "Fuck You, you piece of Shit"....then he'll feel so worthless he'll never charge for dipping sauce again! Kinda like "Pay it Forward" but without the homos!

The next time a telemarketer calls you tell him this joke:
him: whose there
you: Nobody
him: Nobody who???
(the jokes not finished until he out of frustration hangs up the phone)

Why do Asians want their cars to be loud??? Thats something ill never understand...

Hey guy that always points out when someone uses a double negative.... NOBODY LIKES YOU

Those kids are gonna taunt the Trix rabit one day when hes n a bad mood, and theyre all gonna get rabies

how did we all fall for the "Free Ringtones" trick at some point in time?

More people have AIDS than asthma.... haha just kidding

You know ur friends are immature when you cant have lotion anywhere in youre whole house without them cracking jokes...

Tigger has ADHD but Eyore's been taking his Medicine...

Gas is like 4 dollars a gallon, but somewhere right this second our government is paying some jackass to do Brain Surgery on a Ferrett.

its about time for Oatmeal companies to spice up their image, you know? Like put hella Bitches on the box or somethin to appeal to the new generation!

Next time your in the airport, run up to a stranger, look them in the eyes and say "Ive got a bad feeling!" then cover your ears and run away

This concludes this installment of "Superhead.... & Shoulders"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SuperHead... and Shoulders Vol. 1

Let the randomness begin.....

Why do people believe "everything" Wikipedia says, like its not on the internet???

Do u think if i drank more windex it would keep me from running around naked?

Ok, so Nobody harasses Sammy Sosa about steroids???

Remember Aaron Carters gay ass rap songs...

Whens the last time you saw somebody with a CD player, imagine going to jail in 2003 and getting out this year, you wouldnt know what the fuck happened to them...

I wish i could make a deal with my provider to pick the channels i want...Nobody watches WGN!!! NOBODY!

I once heard a Mormon misquote Gwen Stephani's Holla Back girl, as "Harlem Black Girls"....The same mormon once asked "who sings that song 'Irv Gotti in the club gettin tips'y...

That Phrase "you cant have your cake and eat it too," ....only IDIOTS say that! This must piss off the people @ Liplock!

Why do people think that if all the computers crashed the world would come to an end (12/31/1999) like there was no 1200 bc through the 1800's

I dont understand what AT&T thinks theyre doin... did they punk Cingular... now i get nervous n shit when niggas ask who my provider is...

If Tom charged everybody $1 to have a years subscription, tom would make 740 million dollars a year.... just a dollar! thats like dude could be makin 8 thousand bucks an hour for being a loser who grew up without friends! Virginia Tech Guy....There was hope... (past tense, lol)

Who reads the newspaper anymore??? besides Old people??? and those shits who are still on Dial up???

How do Gas prices go up??? is it like hard to find now, or should we leave them Iraq niggas alone.

Why is it so hard to match up the proper lid size onto a fountain drink????

If i had a time machine... I'd go back in history to see who was the first person that got mad enough to punch somebody in the face. What do you have to do to somebody for them to INVENT a violent reaction.

Why is Michael Jackson from the 80's singing all Ne-yos songs???

If i was Tobey Maguire and little kids would come up to me and say "Hey its Spider-man" i would respond by saying "Hey FUCK YOU (ya little shit)"

hahahahahah since when did capitol letters connotate anger????

I never understood what they Left to Beaver...

Is it me, or did we give up on tellin kids to "Say No to Drugs???"

This has been another installment of "Super Head...& Shoulders"

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