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Thursday, July 5, 2007

The House Hype Man!

Ok we lied, there isn't a new podcast yet. We do have another new video for your eyes to enjoy. Our new studio is finally done so in a few days your ears will enjoy us as well. We got some good shit for the "fans" out there Episode 6 being recorded and it will sound much better, as well as a new "SuperHead.. and Shoulders". Until then the "Hype Man" is here to make your day.

As usual here are your options Direct Link Download or just click the FunnyorDie vid below. Click FUNNY you bastards!

Jim and Present: The House Hype Man! Present: The Machine

Once again I hate to disappoint all the people that come here to listen to Brandon slander a "war hero" but the podcast hiatus continues. Although we still have some great stuff for ya!

Jim and Them are back already with a brand new comedy short! It's so new it is different from the last one we posted! Be on the look out cause next week brings the long awaited return of THE PODCAST!

Here are your options Direct Link Download or just click the FUNNY OR DIE vid below. Go ahead take the easy way out, I dare ya!

Click FUNNY, you know you want to.

Jim And Present The Machine

Friday, June 22, 2007

Jim And Them Present: Handicapable

Jim and Them break onto the scene as they learn firsthand about the power of the Handicapped.

Download Direct (Right click save target as...)

Or just click play below for the YOUTUBE version!


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