Max Level Of Happiness – #745 Part 2

HAPPINESS: Is there a max level of happiness/excitement that a person can hit or is there always a level higher to strive for? Celebrity Run Ins: We discuss Jim and Them listeners of the past and get into some of our own personal celebrity run ins. Palette Cleansers: We get into paying people to say…

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#289 Part 2: Poke A Hole Through A Jelly Donut

Opulent Obstacles: A brand new segment, we have never done before, intro’ed by a very special guest! We take our opulent obstacles and we help you conquer them! Rapping and Ass Disease: We getting there, handing out rap names and giving advice on when to be fully honest in a relationship about embarrassing things. Use…

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Jim & Them #98 Part 1: References

SUBSCRIBE HERE WITH ITUNES SUBSCRIBE HERE WITHOUT ITUNES Another week another bunch of dollars to go in the pocket of LOVE. But that has nothing to do with us, we are JIM AND THEM a week to us means a new episode! Jim and Them are back LIVE at 7 PM on Friday nights and…

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