Jim and Them: The Podcast has returned from it’s long hiatus. They are back and better than ever with a brand new sound in their new studio. Give EPISODE 7 a listen and see (hear) for yourself! This is a sample of what they did in their last session, we have so much good stuff you could be seeing Episode 7: Part 2 in the very near future. (And no we didn’t forget Episode 6, you might hear that sometime in the future, you just aren’t ready yet.)

Things are picking up over at Jim and Them HQ as a new show is coming on the horizon featuring Episode 3 guest star: Kevin Scampoli and his partner Sid Avita. “We Hit & Run” is coming strong, they will have a download link soon but you can hear them on the “Real Kid Radio” station site. Basically it is the beginning of a new era for Jim and Them as they join Real Kid Radio. Check the station link above for “Jim and Them”, “We Hit and Run” and more goodies to come.

Last but certainly not least Brandon has dusted off his keyboard to grace our screen with a new “SuperHead.. and Shoulders” peep the link to get a street education.

Thats all for new keep checking back for new shows and new comedy shorts from your friends at Jim and Them!