Elon Is Bringing Doge To SNL – #680 Part 1

Skim and Them: Is it time that we upgrade our Skim game to CRYPTO!? Also is it time to go to a theme park!? Vaccined Up: It’s getting easier to get vaxxed up, a man even stole one from CVS! Roller Coasters & Scarezones: It’s all about conquering our fears! And also THE NMAN! I…

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#289 Part 1: What About The Waffle Fries?

March Ruffalo: With a heavy heart we bid farewell to the month of March Ruffalo and look forward swelling with optimism to a new month. But first we must reflect. Crazy News Eyeywitness: We all know that particular crazy eyewitness on the news, that particular ignorant “urban” voice that rises above any story to make…

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