Revenge Tourism – #721 Part 1

Streamathon: We are on the cusp of the anniversary of last year’s Streamathon and on the cusp of our 15th anniversary! Is it time to celebrate or time to pack it all in? Revenge Travel: We have Skanfest/GOONCon 2022 on the horizon and Jim is not so subtlely planting seeds for Mike V Horror Nights…

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#289 Part 1: What About The Waffle Fries?

March Ruffalo: With a heavy heart we bid farewell to the month of March Ruffalo and look forward swelling with optimism to a new month. But first we must reflect. Crazy News Eyeywitness: We all know that particular crazy eyewitness on the news, that particular ignorant “urban” voice that rises above any story to make…

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