Man Breaks 3-Year Old’s Leg Over Cheesecake (Commentary)

Jim and Them react to Mom’s Boyfriend Broke 3-Year-Old’s Spine, Leg Because ‘He Ate Last Piece Of Cheesecake’
Mother of 3-year-old beaten over cheesecake arrested on child abuse charges

Memphis police officers arrested a man who they say abused a 3-year-old boy over the last piece of cheesecake. The police affidavit details the boy’s injuries. Doctors are treating the child at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for a broken femur bone, dislocated vertebrae in his back, bruised lungs, and several bruises. The boy’s mother told police that 30-year-old Anthony Gulledge was upset Saturday when he got home because her son had eaten the last piece of cheesecake. He reportedly grabbed the boy by his ankles and carried him to the living room where he whipped the 3-year-old. The boy’s mother says Gulledge whipped him again later that night.

Toddler boy, 3, in critical condition after mom’s boyfriend beat him for eating last piece of cheesecake
The unnamed boy suffered a broken femur in his leg, dislocated vertebrae, and bruises all over his body
Anthony Gulledge, 30, has been charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect and domestic assault

Tennessee man severely beats girlfriend’s son, 3, for eating last piece of cheesecake, mom says
Anthony Gulledge allegedly grabbed the unnamed woman’s son by the ankles, whipped him, and caused a broken femur bone and vertebrae. He is being held on $210,000 bond and the boy is listed in critical condition.