The Thanksgiving Mixtape

Courtesy of AWESOMEPEDIA and listener Jakob Burrows

This post is about a little something I put together for the Jim and Them podcast!

One of these days I’m going to write a blog explaining exactly why Jim and Them is my favourite podcast on the whole wide internet (apart from my very own Hallå Där! of course, which you should listen to if you speak as much as a word or two of Swedish). As I’ve written elsewhere Jim and Them is some of the smartest comedy availible online masquerading as some of the dumbest. And to be fair sometimes it gets pretty dumb. And racist. So yeah, it’s very “inside”, and from the outside it looks retarded and racist, which is why I feel the need to help people come inside.

But I’ll save all that for another day and simply explain that in episode 219 of Jim and Them the boys got drunk as shit and decided to freestyle rap for an entire episode. Now I’m not going to claim that this is “sick as fuck”, and in terms of quality their un-freestyled works are much better, but the genius of four drunk improv-comedians rapping for an hour is undeniable.

Like a 5-minute track about running an airship company, renting zeppelins to people and then suing them when the zeppelins crash (because they always crash). Just the fact that they spend about 75% of the time trying to force one unwilling participant (Brian) to rap is hilarious to me. In short I had no choice other than to chop the episode up into tracks, name them accordingly, and compile it into a mixtape:

Courtesy of AWESOMEPEDIA and listener Jakob Burrows