Sorry no new material this week from Jim and Them but we have a few special surprises for you.

The wait is over, the show that almost wasn’t. The show that almost signified the end of “Jim and Them” as we know it is now officially released. Episode 6 is out there for the public to decide. Who’s side are you on in this war that rivals the Autobots and the Decepticons!. Pardon the quality this is before the studio in Hawaii back in the early days of “Jim and Them”. This was the last show in the old studio, after it was finished there were such bad vibes that we burned it to the ground. Celebrate the end of an era for Jim and Them as we usher in a new begining with Episode 13 next week!

In other news keep an eye out for a guest spot by the “titular hero”, Jim of “Jim and Them”, on the latest episode of “We Hit and Run“. Jim stops by the We Hit and Run studios as the pain of the “Drink Off, Pose Off” is still being felt. Also keep a look out for the “Real Kid Radio Kid’s Show”. Take in all this goodness as Jim and Them return to the studio with a new episode next week.