Here we are again boys and girls. Another Sunday, another holy day, must mean ANOTHER JIM AND THEM!

That’s right Episode 5 is here, it’s queer and it is used to it, so you should be too. If you want a little back story on the main topic it is a game called “Second Life“. An online game of reality. My hero in “Second Life” is this guy.

Some work is going on over at HQ of Jim and Them, we will be putting up some old comedy sketches on the site and hopefully getting to work on some new ones. Also we have some equipment coming in to help out on the sound quality of the show. Stay tuned folks, cause it is all happening!

Also you will hear the specifics behind it soon, but the gauntlet has been thrown and Brandon Chaney will soon be doing an open mic stand up which will be recorded for the site. He thinks he will kill, we think not. We’ll keep ya posted until then check out Episode 5: Second Life.