Jim and Them Episode 16: Playin’ Their Games…

Jim and Them back already! They are kicking your ass with a show of cut clips from the Episode 11-15 sessions that didn’t make it into the final cut. Didn’t make it cause the boys wanted these juicy tidbits all to themselves! This stuff was deemed to good for all of you, EVEN YOU! Due to a freak accident involving Brandon and some watermelon EPISODE 16 has leaked for all of you to enjoy!


Episode 17 will be recorded soon and you the fans will be able to listen and interact LIVE through TALKSHOE! Drop on by and let Jake know that you watch him while he is alone. Or you can email JIMANDTHEM or stop by the FORUMS. Of course stay updated with our boys in We Hit and Run and C.B. Radio, THE REAL KID RADIO FAMILY!