Jim and Them Episode 15: Tusken Raiders and Jawas

Sorry for the delay folks, but Jim and Them are here again with a new episode. Forgive the lateness with the fact that you lucky people have been receiving SUPERSIZED HOUR LONG Jim and Thems as of late and Episode 15 is no different! Sit back, crack open a Diet Dr. Pepper and laff and laff!



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In related Jim and Them news, Real Kid Radio is going to be broadcasting the recordings LIVE on TALKSHOE not only will YOU the LISTENER be able to hear some of the uncut goodness (and shittiness) but you will also be able to interact with the show through the chat room as well as CALLING IN! That’s right you can personally talk to Brandon and he will tell you stuff you like is stupid. Keep an eye out on the Real Kid Radio TALKSHOE page as Jim and Them will be recording Wednesdays tentatively at 6 p.m PST. So come on in not only will you hear Jim and Them but also We Hit and Run and new comers C.B. Radio!

Speaking of C.B. Radio have no fear folks they have been hard at work on Episodes 2 and 3 they are just getting used to the hectic online radio special, keep an eye out on C.B. Radio for their new episode coming soon and send your questions to their email or the FORUMS