Jim and Them Episode 14 was recorded yesterday with the O.G. crew celebrating the return of Brandon! The first show with just the O.G.s since Episode 11, stay tuned will be posted shortly. But to tide you over, Real Kid Radio has added a new show to it’s lineup, peep below:

Another show joins the Real Kid Radio family. Past guests from Real Kid Radio join forces to bring another show. Casey Andreen, Brian Garcia and one Anthony “Dean The Dogg” Saunders are here to bring some sexiness to Real Kid Radio! Click to check out EPISODE 1!

They are new to the scene so drop on by their MYSPACE HERE, or check out their ADULT section on the Jim and Them Forums! If you have any questions or want to add anything to the show them an EMAIL.

Real Kid Radio is dropping bombs on your Moms’: BELIEVE IT!