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Bill Clinton : Witch Finder


Everyone knows about Bill Clinton and the controversy he had to deal with in office, but not everyone knows this side of our 42nd President. Witches have had Clinton on their hit list for years, between plaguing him with false accusations in the media to killing his biological father three months before he was born. Bill has had enough and he is going to kill every last one of them, with his trusty sidekick the Ghost of Teddy Roosevelt they are destroying every last coven, once and for all!

Made for Filmmaking Frenzy: Commander-In-Chief
Brought to you by Badass Digest and Sony Digital 4k

Halloween Special 3: The Specter Police

Here it is in it’s entirety!

Jim and Them head out on a journey for their third straight Halloween Special. This time banding together as the “Specter Police”, a paranormal investigator team looking to get some quick fame on the Internet. They get more than they bargained for on their latest job at a “real” haunted house. Their friendship and bond will be tested as they face the possibility of losing one of their own and their greatest challenge yet.

This is something made truly for the fans and listeners of Jim and Them, it is a long one, we hope you enjoy it and laugh a lot. We had a blast making it, ENJOY.