Bill Clinton : Witch Finder


Tweet Go to and VOTE FOR US WITH A FACEBOOK LIKE! Everyone knows about Bill Clinton and the controversy he had to deal with in office, but not everyone knows this side of our 42nd President. Witches have had Clinton on their hit list for years, between plaguing him with false accusations in the…

Halloween Special 3: The Specter Police


Tweet Here it is in it’s entirety! Jim and Them head out on a journey for their third straight Halloween Special. This time banding together as the “Specter Police”, a paranormal investigator team looking to get some quick fame on the Internet. They get more than they bargained for on their latest job at a…

No Food


Tweet LATE PASS: But realized this hasn’t been posted on the main site yet. Our short: “No Food” Jim, Jake, Mike and Jeff are all best friends, but then fate steps in and threatens to tear them apart!