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#410 Part 2: Bernie Sanders Got Bars

Vegas Lockdown: The dudes were out on the town this week experiencing Vegas Lockdown, a mystery room game. What did they think!? Lil B On CNN: CNN and mainstream media wants in on Internet culture and memes so of course they turn to the Based God Lil B Movie Theaters and Roller Coasters: Bring a leaf blower to a movie theater and hop a fence … Show Notes


#410 Part 1: Not Freedom From Consequences

Stephen Castenada: Once again a Goon from Australia in studio, with gifts!? ARMADA: The Patreon supporters out there know the terrible journey we have been going down with the book Armada by Ernest Cline, Jim decided to contact people that thought it was good to see what we were missing. eBay: Jim's phone adventure continues as he decides to … Show Notes

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